Gourlizon - Plonéis - Guengat - Plogonnec


A funny name!
GPGP, a funny name you may say, for a centre organizing the Mondial Pupilles!

GPGP, these are the initials of four towns (from 800 to 3000 inhabitants) located at approximately 10kms west of Quimper and 10 kms from the sea: Gourlizon, Ploneïs, Guengat, Plogonnec. Four towns and four football clubs which have been working together for the past 35 years since the Mondial Pupilles' creation.

The tournament used to take place alternately at the Plonéis stadium (even year) and the Gourlizon stadium (odd year). Then in 2012 Plogonnec organised it for the first time followed in 2019 by the "Lapins de Guengat" (the rabbits of Guengat).
Communes in solidarity
The accomadation of the eight teams are organized with two teams per town.
The children are accommodated two by two in host families who take care of breakfast and dinner. Lunch is taken in the school restaurant where a great atmosphere is guaranteed every year.
In the morning, these families drop the children off at the stadium where they meet up with their teammates. From Thursday to Saturday, it's time for football with 72 group matches in order to qualify the 2 best teams of the GPGP centre for the round of 16.
Equipe du centre de GPGP
Supporters du centre de GPGP
Equipe du centre de GPGP en plein match
Equipe du centre de GPGP en plein match
Equipe du centre de GPGP alignés avant l'entrée sur le terrain
Contact information

Téléphone : 07 88 00 53 04
Email : leberreguy@orange.fr

Patrick LE CORRE
Téléphone : 06 32 07 74 57
Email : patrickmarcel.lecorre@orange.fr

Téléphone : 06 62 22 63 12
Email : jc.lefloch@cemoi.fr

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