The largest town to host the Mondial Pupilles!

A town of history
A picturesque town with a rich history, the town of Penn Sardinn, nicknamed after its history as a sardine port in the early 1900s, is full of superb architectural treasures. Tristan Island, a real sentinel at the entrance to the port, was for a long time the property of the family of the famous poet Richepin.
Douarnenez is the birthplace of the legend of the City of Ys, which was dear to King Gradlon. It is located at the end of the bay bordered by Cap Sizun and Porzay. This bay, which is open to the Atlantic, leaves visitors dreaming of far-off horizons.
Rallied around the Mondial Pupilles!
Douarnenez is the largest town to host the Mondial Pupilles (16 500 inhabitants) with all the advantages and disadvantages that it involves.
A town with three ports and four districts (Ploaré, Pouldavid, Tréboul and Douarnenez), Douarnenez and its three football clubs know how to get together when the Mondial Pupilles arrives and have done so , since its creation in 1986.
Stéphane Sévellec and Christian Couic lead a committee that organises the tournament in Douarnenez during the qualification phases.
In addition to the running of the matches, they also take care of the reception of the delegations during these three days (accommodation, catering, animations).
Contact information

Téléphone : 06 62 14 94 49
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Christian COUIC
Téléphone : 06 20 38 77 79
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