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Between river and ocean...
Between river and ocean...
A Breton town of more than 4,000 inhabitants, PLOMELIN (PLOVEILH in Celtic) is ideally situated on the right bank of the river Odet, halfway between QUIMPER, the capital of Cornouaille, a town of art and history to which it is linked by a recently formed Community of Municipalities, and the beautiful sandy beaches of the ATLANTIC ocean: Bénodet, Sainte-Marine, Ile-Tudy.
Plomelin is inseparable from the Odet and its castles : The Odet is a tidal river which offers a great diversity of landscapes over the 18 km which separate Quimper from Bénodet : the inland lake of the Kérogan bay, the tortuous passage of the Vire-Court and, at the end of its course, a majestic opening onto the ocean. Plomelin occupies 12 km of this ria and benefits from a maritime climate: rhododendrons, palm trees and camellias grow, protected from the prevailing winds by a large forest. The descent of the Odet and, even better, the ascent, allow a glimpse of the numerous castles such as the castle of Pérennou and the castle of Kérambleis.
The origin of everything
The centre of Plomelin and the "AS Plomelin"club are at the heart of Plomelin Mondial Pupilles with this idea launched nearly 30 years ago: to create an international football tournament for youth, which has since become U13. Since 1986, this tournament has grown to become a reference in the category: more than 500 teams have participated, coming from more than 50 countries, from 5 continents. In 2013, a first girls' centre was created in Quimper, followed in 2014 by a second in Fouesnant. There are now more than 1400 male and female players and 170 managers accommodated in the families of the different centres.
More than 6000 people attend the finals each year on Sunday at the Plomelin centre.

Supporteurs de l'équipe du centre de Plomelin
Equipe du centre de Plomelin au déjeuner
Supporteurs de l'équipe du centre de Plomelin
Equipe du centre de Plomelin face à leurs supporteurs
Terrain de l'équipe de Plomelin
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