Facing Americas !

A town of legends
Penmarc'h,( a breton name which means horse head) ", takes its name from a Breton legend, the legend of King Marc'h, as well as from its geography. It is the extreme point of the "Cap Caval", the first bastion against the assaults of the ocean.
Penmarc'h is a town of 5600 inhabitants made up of 5 very different districts: St Guénolé, which is the first sardine port in France, St Pierre, dominated by the famous Eckmûhl lighthouse, Kérity, a marina and a major festive centre, Tréoulte (the town centre), the administrative centre, and Poulguen, with its small chapel and its beaches.
Strongly involved since the beginning of the Mondial Pupilles
The Cormorans club will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary, it has had various fortunes with a run in the national D3 40 years ago, since then its rank has been more modestly in the DHR, but with more than 300 members including 60 women and 4 senior teams despite its great age it is full of vitality and ambition.
The selection which takes part in the Mondial Pupilles is made up of players from the Cap Caval /Plomeur / Penmarc'h youth group. This group, which has more than 100 players, is very young, but thanks to the quality of the players, it has already made a name for itself and is certified at the excellence level.
The whole club is very happy and proud to make our visitors discover their city and their daily life and this , since the creation of the Mondial Pupilles, since they are host centre from the beginning of the adventure.
Goal de l'équipe de Penmarc'h
Equipe de Penmarc'h sur le terrain
Joueur de l'équipe de Penmarc'h frappant dans un ballon
Supporteurs de l'équipe de Penmarc'h
Equipe de Penmarc'h
Contact information
Jean-Pierre LEBRUN
Téléphone : 06 07 81 34 34
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